How to be a Leader in the Global Competition?

February 24, 2016



Recruiting Department role is to be proactive, encouraging and a leader in order to enhance organizational ability to preserve his positioning in the global competition

How looks the day to day work of a recruiter while recruiting departments of the global companies deal with:

  • How can we do more in order to bring excellent candidates?

  • How can we improve the recruiting process that sometimes looks long and exhausting and may cause the loss of candidates

Recruiting departments that moved to other directions, became more innovative in their thinking and actions, should continuously improve, be more effective and adjust the working processes to the emerging trends.

As an expert, the recruiter can support Hiring Manager to create a culture of innovative thinking and the advantage is that the recruiter, is part of the organization, familiar with the challenges of the business and the hiring manager.

Employee Referral – Hiring Managers – this process is for you – a big part of the success depends in you being involved. Our goal through the Employee Referral is emphasizing the need in cooperation of all company employees to the recruiting efforts. Finally these efforts will benefit the company and the employees. If you meet a Java Developer for dinner in a restaurant, be aware that you can bring him to the company. This will provide you an opportunity to work with people like you.

Network Fishing…

The Internet is becoming more and more efficient as a tool for recruiting. This is due to the fact that is has all the necessary advantages. It’s available, free of charge and can serve as the first tool for selection. The role of the recruiter is to check what happened at the competitors and actually be one step ahead of them. Being fast in responsiveness is a key for success.

Facebook and LinkedIn are a platform that created new recruiting tools The company's profile is embedded in the recruiters LinkedIn profile, share open positions in professional groups . The effectiveness in Net recruiting depends on how much the recruiter is part of the Internet experience.


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